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The next 5G era apps here

The first time ever in the world, Multi-movable video in video brings
you to the next stage of the apps world.


- Burst your filter bubble -

World News Live24 aims to liberate you from filter bubbles
surrounding yourself, generated by social network,
recommendation services called "personalized contents"
focusing only what you expect on the internet.

You can find out something new on the apps without content recommendation.


- Multi screen mode -
*Include the patented solution

Multi-movable live video in video play.

Start/Stop - Tap a channel name on the list.
Touch screen - Switch volume as you choice.
Drag screen - Move screens as you like.
Pinch zoom screen - Zoom in and out of screen as you like.

- Surfing mode -
Watch and browse multiple channels.

- Normal mode -
Normal live news stream play

- Video mode -
Each archives playback


World News Live24 for Android
Comming soon

World News Live24 for iPhone/iPad
Comming soon

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